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Applied System Analysis

Introduction to the Applied System Analysis
Applied system analysis is quickly becoming an important competence of the modern specialist. It does not matter what industry we are talking about. The level of the position is not important also. The system approach helps to quickly and efficiently understand the structure and functioning of the system, to reveal the nature of the mutual influence of the elements of the system - mostly hidden and unobvious, and sometimes even paradoxical. System analysis instruments allow to develop a convenient model that will help to comprehend the past, analyze the present and build a scenario for achieving the desired future.
Classification of Problems and Choosing of Proper Tools for Their Solution
Selection and targeting of proper tool for the system analysis depends on complexity and importance of the problem to be solved.
The Problem Solving Technology
Applied System Analysis is a technology of problem solving with well defined algorithm and particular tools for analysis and improvement of systems.
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Introduction to the applied system analysis

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